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 Member/Staff Accountability
 Posted: Feb 14 2015, 08:01 AM
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Member Requests

requests will go here

Staff Accountability

Have you asked one of the staff members to do something for you? Staffers are human, and that means we forget things, especially when life isn't behaving as it should. So, to ensure that we know exactly what has to happen, we created this thread so that you - the member - can tell us exactly what it is we may have forgotten, and you can see it's going to be done for you.

Please fill in this quick form to have what you need done added to the list;

[b]Staffer:[/b] (which staff member did you ask, or does it not matter who does it? If so, write any)
[b]Issue:[/b] detail what it is you asked them to do, and how urgent it is.

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