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 The Rules, Updated 22nd of April, 2016
 Posted: Jan 15 2016, 10:33 AM
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General Rules

01. Please register your account with your character name in the following format: First M. Last

02. For rules relating to claims, please see the claims forum located here.

03. All characters must be at least 17 years old - the legal Wizarding World adult age. Similarly, all face claims must be at least 13 years old. This is a JCINK rule and must be followed.

04. There is no character limit, and you do not need to keep ratio with your characters.

05. Felix Felicis has decided to put activity checks into place. These will happen about every two months at which time you will have around 15 days to ensure you post which each of your characters at least once. Any character failing to do so will be made inactive.

06. Avatars are required and must be 250x400. If you do not provide an avatar, or the avatar is the incorrect size, the admin will provide you with one instead. Please note that the premium rules do not mean that you can have gratuitous full south of the border nudity in your avatar. Low low pants, g-strings, underwear and swimwear and partial nudity are all perfectly okay.

07. Gifs and images are not to contain gratuitous genitalia. You may not use gifs that contain actual sexual intercourse that is completely visible. No porn gifs, in other words.

08. Signatures are optional. Please ensure they are not wider than 500px as it may stretch the board.

09. We are a no word count site.

10. Threads will be considered inactive two months after the last post date. To have an inactive thread moved back, please post here or get in touch with a staff member.

11. Thread templates are in no way required. Templates must be a maximum of 500px wide, and must not be overly decorative in such a way that the post is hard to find.

12. If you take a canon or a want ad and your character becomes inactive, the claim to both canon and want ad is forfeit. If you come back and the claims are still available, you may re-claim them upon being re-sorted.

13. If you return and your characters were inactive, you may create, remake or reactivate two characters of your choice. You must then wait one month before making a new character. You must be active in that time.

14. If you'd like to reactivate one inactive character you are able to, but you must wait two weeks after bringing the character back before you can make another, regardless of post count. This is to help you reconnect with your character.

15. If you'd like to make a character inactive you are able to, but you must wait one month after inactivation before you can make another, regardless of post count. This is to ensure that inactivation of characters is not done on a whim.

Mature Content Rules

01. Felix Felicis is a premium JCINK site in which you may roleplay anything you like (3/3/3) as long as you follow the rules.

02. You must include the [M] tag on any thread containing scenes of a sexual nature beyond a PG rating. You must also use the [restricted] tag on any post that has this content.

03. You must tag any thread that may distress some readers with [TW]. You must also use the [restricted] tag on any post that describes distressing content.

04. The [TW] tag is not interchangeable with the [M] tag.

05. For more in depth rules and examples of what you should restrict and what does not require it, please scroll down.

06. To use the restricted tag: [*restricted] [*/restricted] (remove the *). In template posts, put this before the [*dohtml] and after the [*/dohtml]

07. You are NOT REQUIRED to roleplay mature content. If you feel you are being pressured into roleplaying mature content that makes you uncomfortable please speak to a staff member.

Out of Character Rules

01. Do not spam anywhere on the site.

02. If you wish to advertise, please do so in the correct forum. You can also affiliate with us!

03. Respect each other at all times. Be smart. Don't be a dick. It's not rocket science. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.

04. If you have a problem or an issue with anything on the site, or with another member please send a personal message to one of the administrators.

05. Please only use the email/url box to link your plotter or want ad when in the c-box. Do not use the c-box or the group Skype chat as a plot page.

06. If you want to ask staff if they've done something for you, you can ask them personally or post here. Please do not ask in the chat box.

07. The group chat on skype is to be a drama-free zone. Any problems must be dealt with in private and not in the chat. If you find you can't solve a situation, the admin will step in but please note we do not control the chat in any way, shape or form.

08. You are under no obligation to join the skype chat or participate in it in any way. You are also under no obligation to give your skype information to other members.

Post Count Rules

Please see the box below for our current post count rules. For every character that you make, you need an extra 10 posts on all of your previous characters.

Remember, Felix Felicis has no character limit, you may create as many characters as you like, and the following table is an example only.

3 4 5 6 7 8
1st - 10
2nd - 10
1st - 20
2nd - 20
3rd - 10
1st - 30
2nd - 30
3rd - 20
4th - 10
1st - 40
2nd - 40
3rd - 30
4th - 20
5th - 10
1st - 50
2nd - 50
3rd - 40
4th - 30
5th - 20
6th - 10
1st - 60
2nd - 60
3rd - 50
4th - 40
5th - 30
6th - 20
7th - 10

how to use the mature content tags

[M] use this tag when you're post features sexual content that some people might not be comfortable with. At Felix Felicis, we define this level of sexual content as any post in which a character touches another characters sexual organs located below the waist, or in which any penetration of any kind occurs. Please note that any gratuitous sexual content requires use of the [restricted] tag as well.

[TW] use this tag when you're post contains direct references to anything that might be triggering for another person. This means it has the possibility to cause extreme negative reactions in another person due to descriptions of traumatic experiences including but not limited to rape, self-harm, torture, extreme violence, miscarriages, abortions, sexual abuse, suicide, one-sided physical abuse and severe eating disorders. Any sexual content that is forced needs an [TW] tag AS WELL as an [M] tag. Please note that any extreme torture scenes MUST be behind a [restricted] tag.

So what can I post without a warning?

Any amount of kissing, groping, fondling, or descriptions of breasts.
General sex talk, although vivid descriptions might need a warning.
General discussions of war
Posts about mental disorders
Discussion of moderate eating disorders
Moderate amounts of violence
Murder, as long as it's not described in extreme
Any form of in character discrimination (racist, sexist, classist, etc)

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