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 The Plot & History
 Posted: Apr 18 2014, 02:52 PM
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An Ancient Magic Stirs...

Now that the leaders of the Priori have been forced into exile, the Task Force has a team assigned to tracking down the remaining members of this group to ensure that their work won't continue to hurt the magical or muggle community. Progress continues on the study of 'FX' and finding a cure for the negative effects that the drug causes to those that ingest it.

While the Priori had been working on 'FX' and their own goals for the magical world, a different group stirred beneath the surface. One that may not necessarily have an effect on the wizarding world in an obvious way, but is going to stir a power that has long since been forgotten by most people. An underground group has been working to smuggle dragons for study, sale, and other uses in the magical world.

The dragons had nearly been extinct for a long time until they had been allowed to thrive. Now that they are a thriving part of the magical world, people with malicious intent are set on turning them into a profit. These groups arent the only threat to the dragons, though. Some have ancient family vendettas against dragons, and seek to eradicate them forever. The danger to the dragon kind has been noticed by the Ministry, but also by an ancient race...the Dragonbloods.

Contrary to popular belief, Dragonbloods are not just a myth. The stories told of them in ancient folklore are true, and not all of the Dragonbloods went away. Some remained in sanctuaries with the intent to help keep the remaining dragons safe and growing. The danger to the dragons lately has been sensed worldwide, and more people are reclaiming their Dragonblood abilities whether they know about them or not.

Now is the time to decide where you stand. Were you part of the Priori and trying to continue their work? Do you smuggle dragons, hunt them in other fashions, or will you help the Task Force track down these heathons? With all of the dangers coming to light, will you feel the dragon wake inside of you? Are you blissfully ignorant of the dangers of the world? An ancient magic stirs in the darkness, and it isn't the only thing threatening to change the magical world forever...

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 Posted: Nov 12 2015, 10:49 PM
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Around 2034 a Stonefalls student attempted to recreate Felix Felicis in his own home. The result was a vastly inferior version of the highly sought-after potion. While it wasn't a true version of Felix Felicis it was a very powerful and addictive essence that over time and with consistent use caused the student to lose his mind, and perish - but not before the recipe was acquired by another student with malicious intent. The recipe was altered to ensure death wasn't quite as fast as before, and the drug was marketed. At first it was a small operation, mainly students on the Stonefalls campus and occasionally the wider population. But over time the drug gained popularity and soon it was on the tip of the population's tongue.

'FX' - What You Need to Know

The Ministry of Magic and the Interwizard Task Force remind you to remain vigilant at all time. If you know something that could help them please do not hesitate to visit the Ministry in person or consult an Auror. Rewards may be given for information leading to an arrest.

The most important thing to remember about 'FX' is that it is dangerous and highly addictive. This drug causes death - though how long this takes varies from person to person. It has the appearance of a reddish-gold liquid; however, the amount of red (and other colours) in the liquid may change depending on the source. The drug is only found in liquid form and must be taken orally. Presentation ranges from vials to bottles, although the most popular method is a vial. One very important point to remember is that 'FX' is changing all the time - the colours in the vials might change, the nicknames for drug might change - you must remain vigilant.

Tell-tale signs of an 'FX' user

There are many signs and symptoms that one using 'FX' might exhibit. Please consult the list below, but if you suspect friends or family of taking 'FX' handle the matter with the utmost care. Drug addiction is a serious matter.

Physical signs and symptoms:

  • Agitation apparent in body language
  • Bloodshot eyes, pupils larger or smaller than usual
  • Changes in appetite or sleep patterns
  • Sudden weight loss or weight gain

Behavioural signs and symptoms:

  • Drop in attendance and performance at work or school
  • Unexplained need for money or financial problems
  • May borrow or steal to get money
  • Engaging in secretive or suspicious behaviours
  • Sudden change in friends, favourite hangouts, and hobbies
  • Frequently getting into trouble (fights, accidents, illegal activities)

Psychological warning signs and symptoms:

  • Unexplained change in personality or attitude
  • Sudden mood swings, irritability, or angry outbursts
  • Periods of unusual hyperactivity, agitation, or giddiness
  • Lack of motivation; appears lethargic or “spaced out”
  • Appears fearful, anxious, or paranoid, with no reason

Some 'FX' users wear the drug in a vial on a chain around their neck.

Myths and Truths about 'FX'

While we cannot condone the use of 'FX' in anyway, we have heard positive reports that the drug can imbue the user with fantastic powers and abilities. However, these abilities appear to function on a merely temporary basis - never lasting more than a week at a time.

While the drug is no longer as strong as it once was, it may be more damaging. Consider the unknown effects of this drug before taking it or letting others take it. We have attached a list of the effects that are currently known - pamphlets will be magically updated upon knowledge of new effects.

At present we have no data on the effect this drug might have on other races such as vampires, werewolves, veela and banshee. Data on this will be added as it is acquired.

This drug has been reported to stop or exponentially slow down the ageing process. We at the Ministry of Magic can tell you with absolute certainty that this is not true. This drug will not stop you from ageing.

The Ministry of Magic can confirm that this drug causes a sensation of being 'high'; it also causes the user to feel extraordinarily lucky for a time. This effect appears to diminish with repeated use.

What to do if you know someone taking 'FX'

If you suspect someone you know or love to be taking or addicted to 'FX', do not panic. You might try talking to them, or getting them help. Has the person been through a difficult time recently? Perhaps they are dealing with real and distressing physical or mental pain that is causing them to reach our for something to help them through. And remember, a dedicated treatment centre has recently opened at St Mungo's Hospital. Consider referring your loved ones to their capable clinic.

The St. Mungo's Hospital Centre for Those Addicted to 'FX'
A cure is possible, and addiction can be defeated! Allow us to help you during this trying time in your life - through the dark tunnel and into the light.

don't forget - one sip is all it takes


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 Posted: Dec 28 2016, 10:08 AM
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Dragonbloods: A History

Long ago, deep in the treacherous and iced covered snow peaks of the north, the Dragons lived in peace and harmony with the humans whose villages surrounded them...

The humans gave them praise, and the dragons repaid the humans with safety and power. The humans became very powerful because of the powers they were granted. Soon, humans from outside the dragons area of protection became jealous, determined to discover what it was that made their rivals so very powerful. A small group of explorers discovered the dragons; and made haste back to their camp, but not before the dragons killed the majority of the explorers. One made it back to camp alive, and before he died, he told the others of the dragons.

When the outsiders heard this tale; they mobilised units to fight the dragons, but unit after unit was destroyed. An unknown magical being of great power and influence traveled from far away to speak with the outsiders chief; and he told the chief of a way to kill the dragons. More units mobilised, this time with the secret weapon told to them by the great unknown. With this great and terrible weapon, the outsiders decimated the dragon population. The dragons were nearing extinction, and so they acted. To the humans of the villages that they protected, they granted a great and powerful state of being. Those humans became Dragonbloods. They rose up in retaliation against the outsiders, who fled in fear of humans they could not beat.

When the smoke cleared, and the sun rose once more, the dragons were all dead; each and every one of them. The leader of the tribe of humans who had worshiped the dragons cried out in pain, and the whole world heard him. It shook violently, and masses of land broke free. The Dragonbloods rallied; and slaughtered the remains of those who had destroyed their protectors, and those who remained created a sanctuary in which they lived out the rest of their very long lives together...

...but some left the sanctuary, and looked for life elsewhere. They came upon the unknown being who told the secrets to destroying the dragons; and before the beheaded him he cried out in a voice so foreign to his own "heed my words; the dragons will return. When the time is right, those with the blood will echo together to hasten their return." And then he stopped, and his head was left on a pike outside of the outsiders territory.

Years past, and soon the group were ready to bring the dragons back; but something went wrong, a part of the prophecy unheard because of their haste to destroy the unknown being. The dragons did not return at once, nor did they return all in the same place, but stretched across the globe. The group felt dejected, they had failed in their objective; and more so, these dragons were no longer the gods they once were, they were shadows of their former selves. The group were filled with a rage so strong it possessed them, and they sought out each and every dragon they could find, and they killed it, with the new strength the possession brought them, but it came with a price; they were no longer dragonblood, but hunters of those they had once called gods.

Centuries past, millenia too; and both groups multiplied, and spread across the earth. The Dragonbloods awaited the true return of the dragons, and the hunters sought to rid the world of all dragon forms. Now, dragons are really returning, ones the hunters cannot kill; and those with the blood are waking up, becoming greater in number; now is the time of the dragons.

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